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Brand Review: Glossier

Brand Review: Glossier

Glossier is the little skincare/makeup lovechild from the online beauty publication, Into the Gloss. Their motto, “Skin First. Makeup Second” really resonates with me for so many reasons. For years, I struggled with my skin. I had perfect skin throughout my teen years, barely a blemish in sight. And then I turned twenty and all hell broke loose. I’ve been struggling with adult acne for yeaaaaaars. I lacked the confidence to even contemplate letting my real skin show, constantly caking on full-coverage foundations and concealers.  Only recently have I started to feel a little more comfortable in my own skin (literally). Now that my skin is on the up-and-up (yay!), I have started to really value my skin, taking care of it to the best of my ability. For me, skincare is absolutely worth the splurge. I battled with my skin for years. Now it’s time to reward myself for overcoming that struggle!

Overall, I enjoyed trying out Glossier’s products. I have tried everything they have released so far, except for the skin tint. I may be more confident in my own skin lately, but something that sheer is comparable to me walking around my neighborhood in a bikini. Nope. I am not that confident yet!  There isn’t a single product that seems harsh on the skin. Even the ‘detox’ mask (Mega Greens Galaxy Pack) is pretty gentle. The products are formulated to be compatible with most skin types. I can’t speak for all the skin types in the world. But if you have combination oily, acne-prone, sensitive skin (like me), I don’t think you’ll have many issues.  I think the skincare line is great for those with sensitive skin in particular, or don’t like harsh chemicals on your face. 

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The following products are listed in order of LOVE IT to meh:

Priming Moisturizer: This is probably my favorite product of the bunch.  Don’t be fooled by the name, this is definitely more of a moisturizer than a primer. I think the overall affect is that it ‘primes’ your skin for ideal makeup application. This stuff is magical. It makes me look like I have the healthiest and most luminous skin in the world, without leaving a greasy film on my face. It is very hydrating, but does the job without feeling heavy. I use this as my daytime moisturizer, and don’t plan on changing things up anytime soon. If I had to choose one standout product, this is it.

Balm Dotcom: Appropriately named. This universal skin salve really is the bomb. I am a lip balm hoarder to the extreme. If there’s one thing I absolutely hate about winter (other than the overcrowding in NYC - bah humbug) - it’s painfully chapped lips. I use this stuff all day. It preps your lips beautifully while working on other parts of your makeup routine. It’s great to keep in your handbag as a quick and effective lip treatment, especially because it doesn't leave any whitecast. It also does wonders as an overnight treatment. I know there are supposed to be a million uses for this salve, but I have to say that I mainly use it as a lip balm. 

BoyBrow: Glossier’s newest product launch. I wrote about this a little bit in my previous post (what's in my cosmetics bag), so if you’re curious about it, go ahead and check it out! I didn't want to be redundant, so I'll be quick: LOVE. 

Mega Greens Galaxy Pack: Basically a very gentle clay mask. If you’re into to the hardcore stuff (ie: glamglow), then this stuff may not be for you. But I actually loved that this mask didn’t make me tear up upon application. It’s really soothing and calming, and perfect for a nighttime pamper session. Some of it’s key ingredients are: leafy greens (parsley, spinach), avocado oil, aloe, and a handful of superfruits (acai, aronia, bilberry). Good stuff. I enjoyed this mask. It didn’t do a crazy job of clearing out my pores or anything. But it’s a really gentle way to cleanse and balance your skin every once in a while.

Moisturizing Moon Mask: Because the Mega Greens mask can be somewhat drying (most clay masks tend to be), I immediately applied the Moisturizing Moon Mask right after. I like to think that after all of that cleansing, impurity-drawing-out, etc… the skin is really thirsty and ready to soak in some nutrition and hydration. I didn’t notice any irritation with this mask either. It's not an overnight miracle mask. But it did leave my skin feeling very supple and baby soft!

Update (11/17): One morning, I woke up with distressed skin and puffy face/eyes. I had a pretty rough night (emotional eating & tears & netflix were involved), and I looked like a zombie the next morning. I decided that I would use the Glossier masks to try liven my face back up because my skin was feeling sensitive and particularly red from the rubbing. These are some of the most gentle masks I own, so I decided to give the mask duo another go. I amend my post. These masks are awesome. The masks (used back to back) brought some color back to my face, evened out my complexion a little bit, and even helped de-puff my face and under-eyes. If your skin is upset, these masks function as a great little reset button. 

Soothing Face Mist: This is the one product that I was kind of meh about. Yes, it’s a nice rose-fragranced spray. But it didn’t do very much for my face. I mostly just kept this on my side table, spraying whenever my face was feeling a little on the dry side. But again, there are many products like this (ie: Mario Badescu's Facial Spray, Lush’s Eau Roma Water). My only real complaint was that the mist wasn’t fine enough. Other than that, it’s a fine rosewater spray, I guess. But nothing to write home about. If you’re super super super into rose fragrance, or love rosewater, then this is up your alley. Otherwise, I’d give Glossier’s other items a try first!

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