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New Launch: Glossier Phase 2 (and a giveaway)

New Launch: Glossier Phase 2 (and a giveaway)


It's finally here! Glossier has just launched its much anticipated additions to its skincare range. It makes sense that Glossier's counterpart to Phase 1 is a makeup set. It perfectly fits their mantra "Skin first, makeup second. Smile Always".  Glossier's products have been all about enhancement from the get-go. It's all about working with what you already have and presenting it in the best light - not changing or masking your features. This is something that I have definitely started to embrace in the last year. Now that my skin has shown a little improvement, I've been trying to use a lighter hand when applying makeup. And I'm absolutely ecstatic to say that I've finally ditched foundation on a daily basis. 

I was fortunate enough to be invited to Glossier's Phase 2 launch party, where I was able to play with and swatch the new products. If you're in New York for the next couple of weekends, I highly recommend checking out their Soho Penthouse, which is open to the public. You can play with Phase 2, meet some Glossier team members, and purchase the entire line of products as well! 

Phase 2 includes the following products: boy brow (which was released on its own a few months ago), stretch concealer, and one shade of generation g sheer matte lip tints. Of course, Glossier includes its standard pink pouch and stickers as well! Here are some thoughts:

Boy Brow: I love me some Boy Brow. I have gotten so many questions about it.  How is it different from other brow gels out there? Is it worth the hype? In my opinion, Boy Brow is a different kind of product all together. In my experience, most brow gels do indeed keep hairs in place. But the hairs end up looking a little crunchy and shiny, as if they've been plastered into their current position. Boy Brow (which was actually inspired by men's mustache pomade) gives the brows subtle definition while providing a hold as well. I love running it upwards through the front of the brows to give them a feathered look. It's really rare that a product is both effective and natural-looking. But Boy Brow delivers!

Stretch Concealer: This is probably my favorite product of the Phase 2 set. First of all, the packaging is not only gorgeous, but looks really sturdy and feels quite luxurious. This is the softest and creamiest concealer I have ever used.  It really disappears into the skin almost immediately, with pretty minimal blending. It builds up like a dream too. I keep it sheer under my eyes, and build it up over spots. It's formulated with emollient ingredients (ie avocado oil, jojoba oil, cocoa butter) , which leave your skin looking radiant and healthy! One of the biggest claims of this concealer is that it is moves (or stretches) with your skin, while other concealers sit on top of the skin making it look cake-y or dry. I have to agree with the claim. It is a very flexible concealer, which is probably what helps it wear down in a natural (and not painfully obvious) way. Touch ups are no problem (even over powder!!) because the formula is so forgiving. 

Generation G: Available in 4 shades, Generation G is Glossier's play on a traditional lipstick. The formula is very creamy and buildable, yet the finish is matte. Best of all, it stays put and doesn't dry out the lips. I am still having a really hard time understanding how they did this. Just a few swipes, and you have freshly popsicle-stained lips that last for hours and wear off evenly. Cake (peachy nude) and Like (your lips but better pink) are the sheer shades (but can definitely be built up for more opaque coverage). Crush (fuschia) and Jam (berry tone) are definitely more pigmented - perfect for a wearable statement lip.  I have been reaching for these every single day. They are so easy apply, and it's almost impossible to mess up. I don't even use a mirror for the sheer shades.  I'll even top off with a little bit of coconut balm dotcom if I want a 'glossier' look. 

Side note: I'm so excited to have my gorgeous little sister modeling all of Phase 2 below. You'll definitely be seeing more of her on em-ediiton.com. Minna wears Boy Brow in brown, stretch concealer in medium, and Generation G matte lip tints in Cake, Like, Crush, and Jam (Left to Right) 

Save money : If you're interested in trying some Glossier for yourself, you can use my link to get 20% off all Glossier products on your first purchase. If you've already purchased from Glossier.com, you can use the code "SECOND" and get $5 off your Phase 2 set! 

GIVEAWAY : I know! This entry is already jam-packed with information and pictures. But I didn't want to leave without giving you the option of winning all 4 shades of Generation G lipsticks (and I'll even throw in a balm dotcom)


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