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New Glossier Launch - "The Supers" + a surprise!

New Glossier Launch - "The Supers" + a surprise!

Every time Glossier launches something new, I feel like I'm a kid at Christmas all over again.  I can't begin to express how much I love this brand. I've gone through many many many priming moisturizers and milky jelly cleansers - they've both changed my skin so much.  Keep reading for my thoughts on "The Supers" and a surprise for you at the end! 

Glossier just launched their new line of serums, called "The Supers".  This range of serums serves as a sort of skin arsenal, because you're "more than a skin type". Whatever your skin need, there's a "Super" to serve it.  

I have always been a fan of that philosophy. My skin never feels the same from week to week (especially post 25 years old). Sometimes, it feels dehydrated. Other times, it feels super congested and angry. Of course, there's the "I stayed up way too late watching half a season of Stranger Things" face. I like to have products to pick and choose from to remedy the situation. 

The Supers consist of 3 highly concentrated serums: Super Bounce, Super Pure, and Super Glow. You can use them day or night, mix & match, there's really no limit to how you can use them. The point is - you can tailor your skincare routine to fit your needs.

Super Bounce: Hands down - my favorite one. All hail Hyaluronic acid (my current skincare obsession). Super Bounce makes my skin like I have just used a sheet mask and had 10 glasses of water. Perfect to plump up your skin overnight, refresh your skin post-flight, or just whenever you feel like you need a treat-yo-self moment. 

Super Pure: I have been exceedingly lucky this summer. Minimal breakouts for the first time in my life. I think I owe that in part to the ingredient: Zinc. As some of you know, I am a huge fan of LaRoche Posay's  zinc-sulfate solution, 'Serozinc'. Zinc is a soothing and calming ingredient - something that I find incredibly helpful when my skin is feeling particularly irritated or unhappy. So if Salicylic Acid or Benzoyl Peroxide are just too harsh for your skin on a daily basis, you might want to give Zinc a try! I will keep using Super Pure to see how my skin reacts long-term, but so far, so good. Super Pure is helping keep my break-outs to a minimum, while still being gentle enough to use on an every day basis. 

Super Glow: This one is pretty self-explanatory. Super Glow is basically a booster shot of Vitamin C and Magnesium to your face. Vitamin C is really helpful when it comes to brightening your skin and giving it that healthy JLO glow. I liked using Super Glow at night, especially when I knew I wasn't going to be getting enough sleep (aka at least 3 times/week).  I definitely noticed that my skin was not nearly as sallow as it normally is when I'm sleep-deprived. 

All in all, I really enjoy using The Supers. The packaging is gorgeous and looks very elegant on any shelf. The serums are contained in glass bottles with a dropper. All of the textures are pretty light and emollient and absorb really nicely into the skin. Additionally, I think that the price point is also pretty great. $28/each or $65/set of 3. If you're someone who's new to a skincare regimen, this is a great serum starter kit. Even if you're skincare obsessed like me, I think you'll enjoy using The Supers. They're just a really simple way to give your skincare routine a little customized boost!

If you're new to Glossier, you *Click on this Link* to get 20% off your first purchase and try The Supers out for yourself!

SURPRISE! I'm giving away an entire set of "The Supers"! 


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