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New launch: Cloud Paint!

New launch: Cloud Paint!

There are beauty releases, and then there are glossier releases. Meet Cloud Paint, glossier's first range of blushes! Make sure to read through the entire post for a few exciting announcements! 

If you were watching the Oscars, you unknowingly got a little sneak peak of Cloud Paint on the red carpet. Celebrity makeup artists got first dibs on the new launch, applying it onto the cheeks of A-List celebs. 

Cloud Paint is available in four shades: 

Haze: Deep Berry

Puff: Cool-toned Powder Pink

Dusk: Peachy-Brown

Beam: Peachy-Coral





Application: Cloud Paint has risen to the top of my list as the perfect go-to cheek color. I can vouch for this because I definitely applied it in a moving cab the other day. The gel-cream texture is so fool-proof and forgiving - perfect for any level of makeup expertise. I apply with my fingers straight from the tube. If I'm feeling particularly high-maintenance, I will take a damp beauty sponge (my favorite is the real techniques sponge) and tap it into the skin. It's so creamy, blendable, and easy to work with. It doesn't set right away, so don't worry about rushing to blend. You have time to work it into your skin. Start with a small amount, and keep building up to achieve the shade that you want. No patchiness, no streaks. 

The Result: The perfectly flushed cheeks. Cloud paint makes you look like you just came from yoga after a relaxing beach vacation. My personal favorite, 'Dusk', gives me that perfect post-vacation flush that, I thought, could only come from sunshine and one too many margaritas. (FYI: 'Dusk' also works pretty damn well as part-time bronzer/contour shade). Also, Cloud Paint contains collagen, which means that not only will you have beautiful pigment on your cheeks, your skin will actually look plumper. 

Cloud Paint retailer or $18 each. Use the code 2BLUSH to get 2 for $30! Go get yours now!



I'm a glossier rep now! You can visit my rep page (https://www.glossier.com/reps/miran) and shop my favorite products. You'll also get 20% off your first order and free shipping! If you do end up placing an order through my page, please send me an email or a DM. I love hearing what you think!

Also, make sure you're following me on Instagram! I may or may not be giving away a couple Cloud Paints this week!

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